PPC is also named as CPC (Cost Per Click) specifies to the online payment model. PPC advertising works like a hushed auction.

   PPC Services

Did you pay thousands of money for advertising your website but got minimal traffic? If your advertising costs were sky high yet it generated no visitors for your website, then it’s time for you to take up Affordable Pay Per Click services by ITinfoCube, Gurgaon. Pay Per Click is the best cost effective way to advertise your website.

Lets understand the concept of Pay Per Click

Maximize Clicks

Through an extensive study of your webpage we can zero in on selected keywords that describes your website best. It will help in maximizing the clicks by customers who search for that keyword.

Attractive Ads

Our experts are here to design the beat ad for your website that is sure to garner attention from visitors. They will be precise, innovative and related to what your website is about.

Instant Review

Every time a visitor clicks, company can follow his activities on the website. This can help you in improving the website design, concentrating on weaker areas which were not visited.

We, at MentroTech, have the best team at your disposal working with only one motive i.e. to increase the valid clicks on your website. We are at par with any other Pay per Click services in India. We are different from other PPC Service providers.

If you are still wondering whether or not to choose us from other Pay per Click services in Noida, take a look at the diagram. Choose us for our:

Why Choose us for PPC ?


We charge you only for the valid clicks. A team is continuously keeping an eye to check for fraudulous, double clicks or clicks by mistake.


Stand out from other ads. With right keywords we can change the direction of click from your competitor's website towards yours.


We are regularly analyzing the clicks and visitors activity to help improve your website and traffic.